Peter Majthenyi is recognized as a pioneer in the mortgage brokerage sector, and is consistently one of the top brokers by transaction in Canada. He is a graduate of McMaster University with a Bachelor of Economics Degree and a Canadian Securities accreditation, holds the CAAMP AMP designation and serves on several advisory boards assisting with the development of new and better mortgage product lines. He also organizes regular mortgage presentations and workshops to enhance consumer awareness and is a frequent guest on Business News Network, where he comments on current developments in the mortgage sector.

Peter has been one of the leading mortgage professionals with Mortgage Architects since that firm’s inception in 2006. If you ask Peter what his key success factors are and he simply states, “coming in every day, being accountable and showing clients empathy.” He’s been asked this same question many times and finds it a tough one to answer… because when you focus on a few simple things that everyone knows about, there is no magic formula to pass on. Peter does suggest that his business has flourished because of his continuous focus on three key things: current clients, his own unique ability and meeting the needs of a defined target market. He believes that if you can start with 10 clients, you’ve got the best start you are ever going to get. He also points out that you need a good customer contact program that allows you to understand and treat your clients as individuals while adding value in a personalized way. He limits his work to 40 hours per week so he can balance his professional life with his personal commitment to his young family – Alex, Julian and Erik. Family time with his wife Tina and his small boys is precious and Peter’s priorities include finding lots of time for fishing, skiing and swimming together. Perhaps the key to his success is in understanding what you really want in life and in choosing a straight path to achieve it.

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