ROCG North America is part of ROCG Global. They are a full services business consulting firm specializing in business transition and business exit services with offices throughout United States and Canada. To date, they are the only international firm specializing in the areas of strategy, finance, operations and business exit planning for privately owned and family businesses.

As the Business Exit & Transition Specialists, they do much more than just guide the exit from the company. Their proprietary roadmap helps business owners take control over their destiny by planning their business proactively, implementing change consistently and more importantly by building business value. Most business owners started their companies with those key objectives in mind, but then BUSINESS happened!!!

Many owners have not contemplated the many areas of business they would have to juggle in addition to ‘creating’ and ‘doing.’ As a result, they often find themselves pulled in many directions, given advice from many different sources and ultimately do not spend enough time implementing strategies the business desperately needs. By working exclusively with owners of small to medium sizes enterprises over the past decade, ROCG developed a unique understanding of the dynamics and psychology of owner-managed companies and what it takes to drive results even in the most difficult circumstances.

ROCG achieve these results by assisting owners with viewing and running their companies the way an investor would. ROCG works alongside business owners to re-energize the business model, define what they need from the company to support their personal and financial needs, and set the milestones accordingly to ensure everyone works with the end goal in mind. Whether you are looking to start a business, grow it, or exit from it, ROCG can help you successfully transition your company from one phase to the next!

For further information please contact Doug Hyland directly or please visit their website at:

Doug Hyland
Principal, Founding Member
Phone: (416)818-8041

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