Integrated Wealth Planning

Traditionally, most of our clients have engaged in some form of planning but have not
clearly identified the connection needed to build a sustainable and effective plan.

In order to achieve a financial program specifically tailored to your needs, we begin by understanding your goals and values through our proprietary Discovery Phase.

Does your current plan…

Retain sufficient resources to protect your financial security and maintain your desired lifestyle?

Transfer what you want, to whom you want, when you want, the way you want it, at the lowest possible cost?

Direct your social capital in a manner consistent with your personal values?

Our planning process follows 4 stages:

Discovery Phase

Creative Solutions

A Game Plan

Progress Reports

We can update your current plan, or create a new one

Most people cannot answer all or any of these questions. Why? Their current plans focus on strategies, tactics and tools — “The How’s” and not the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals — “The Why’s”. Haunn Landers & Co is here to help.

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