Intergenerational Planning

Early planning allows a smooth transition towards your succession. We identify & implement the tools necessary for transferring assets to the next generation.

We evaluate your lifestyle and legacy assets in order to better understand what Generation 1 needs. What you don’t need or can’t spend goes to kids, grandkids, tax or charity.

Do you have a current & up-to-date will that is relevant & sustainable?

Can you transfer what you want, to whom you want, when you want, the way you want it, at the lowest possible cost?

Have you quantified your family legacy to know exactly how much you want to leave for your kids and/or grandkids?

How Haunn Landers & Co helps

Haunn Landers & Co works with your family and advisors to ensure that the entire array of intergenerational transfer concerns are considered.  The planning and decisions regarding the transfer of material assets are built from the values expressed in your family legacy plan. The decisions regarding the transfer of material assets are consistent with values expressed in the family’s legacy plan.

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