A Unique Approach

Haunn Landers & Co’s philosophy starts and finishes at a different place – above the horizon. We focus on what a client values before focusing on the value of what they own. The primary objective is to help clients make wise decisions surrounding their wealth.

Most High Net Worth individuals and families have engaged in some form of planning with various professional advisors. For the most part, these relations tend to work as silos, but we encourage all advisors to work together on strategies, tactics and tools on behalf of the client.

(Above the Horizon)

At Haunn Landers & Co we focus on what a client values before focusing on the value of what they own. This approach ensures all financial decisions are based on a client’s personal values, helping us design an integrated wealth plan to eliminate risks and capture potential opportunities.

I need an integrated wealth plan

(Below the Horizon)

Haunn Landers & Co.is not limited to comprehensive planning solutions. Some clients are more interested in Single Purpose Planning – where they have an immediate issue that needs to be addressed. We review and then provide a second opinion on their current strategies, tactics and/or tools.

I have an immediate goal or issue

Effective solutions that we provide

Our integrated wealth plans help eliminate risks and capture potential opportunities through various planning methods.

Wealth Accumulation

Business Succession

Employee Benefits

Risk Management

Executive Benefits

Life Insurance

Estate Planning


Planning based on your stage in life


Plans have a focus on accumulation of wealth as you strive to become financially independent. You work for Money.


Plans are focused on protecting your resources as wealth begins to work for you. Money works for you and starts to build excess.


At this stage, the Plan shifts from protection and accumulation of wealth to the transfer of resources and excess.

Haunn Landers & Co uses a framework for making planning decisions to reduce dangers associated with financial transcendence, while capturing all of its’ possibilities.

The two cornerstones designed to maximize the transfer of resources are:

The concept of leaving your kids or grandkids some money. We guarantee that they way they would spend the money would be different from the way we would spend it. We find a lot of our clients are concerned about the negative impact that wealth may have.
Making a difference in our clients’ lives