Protecting the privacy of your personal information is important to Haunn Landers & Co. and to the companies whose products and services we offer. We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing your personal information responsibly.

This information will be used to assess your financial situation, offer products and services that may be of interest and benefit to you, and provide ongoing client service.

Your personal information in your client file will be disclosed only to:

• Our employees and persons authorized by us
• Third party service providers selected and authorized by us; in some cases, third party service providers may be located outside of Canada, and in those cases your personal information may be subject to the laws, including public authority access laws, of other countries
• Persons or entities to which you have granted access
• Persons or entities allowed access by law

In accordance with applicable law and upon your request, we will provide you access to your personal information in your client file for your review. You have the right to request corrections to your personal information.
“Additional” personal information is personal information which extends beyond what is required to be kept, according to suppliers and manufacturers (as applicable) for the purpose of Haunn Landers & Co. client file, as outlined in the first paragraph. Examples of personal information and documents are:

• Insurance policies
• Copies of life insurance applications, in whole or in part, including medical and lifestyle information
• Wills and Powers of Attorney
• Marriage certificates
• Income tax returns/notices of assessment
• Mortgage/real property ownership papers

You agree any such documents may be converted into another format, without the original being retained.

Our privacy policies and procedures regarding the above are available from us at your request.

Any terms and conditions of Haunn Landers & Co. holding such documents will be fully understood between me and them at the time the documents are deposited with Haunn Landers & Co.

I have been informed of, and understand the implications of, this disclosure including any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest associated with Haunn Landers & Co in relation to any recommendations made.

I acknowledge that Haunn Landers & Co. will create and maintain a client file for me. This file will contain personal information related to me that will be gathered in order to assess my financial situation, offer me products and services that may be of interest and benefit to me, and assist me with the ongoing services, changes or benefits and claims. This personal information may include records of meetings and phone calls, and instructions that I give regarding the products and services that I have purchased or wish to purchase or consider.

I also authorize and direct Haunn Landers & Co. to hold additional personal information or documents (original or copies) containing my personal information, provided by me or with my authorization.

I further understand that Haunn Landers & Co. holds such documents in their capacity and not in their role as an advisor to various suppliers and manufacturers. Such documents can be kept by Haunn Landers & Co. in a file separate from my client file.

I understand, acknowledge, and agree that various manufacturers and suppliers will not be in any way responsible for any documents I deposit with Haunn Landers & Co. and will not be liable for any loss, use, disclosure, safekeeping, or return of such documents.

This does not apply, however, to any document or information that is requested by manufacturers and suppliers and is given by me to Haunn Landers & Co. for immediate transfer to the head or administrative offices of these manufacturers and suppliers as applicable.

I have reviewed the above information. I consent to Haunn Landers & Co. assisted by those acting under my advisor’s direction, creating and maintaining a client file for me in accordance with the above. I have the right to later revoke my consent, subject to legal and contractual limitations.